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Jan 1, 2018

People ask me what is jujitsu. I say, jujitsu is what allows a man to be free. Jujitsu is what frees your mind from the noise. Jujitsu is not a religion, although, it is spiritual at times. Jujitsu is about trust Trusting yourself, trusting your partner, trusting the positions. Jiu Jitsu is about letting go. Letting go of what your brain naturally wants your body to do. It's about letting go of ego, letting go of that primal instinct you as a man believe you have. That part of your brain that says in a fight you would win. Because men are built with a block in their mind, some call it a warrior spirit. But having the spirit to be a warrior is futile without training. That block in our brain disguises the truth. You are naturally numb, you are born numb to the truth. It's why young men can walk into battle, it allows us to feel invincible.