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Jan 7, 2018

If you are one of the select few who live on this earth with a business mind, understand this… Statistically speaking, 75% of the people you employ on your journey will not make it to the end with you. Few will stick with you as the trail is blazed. Most will leave, or be asked to leave. A saboteur may weasel their way in, like a wolf in sheep's clothing. A good apple one day, may start to rot and stink the next. Before you know it, a rotten apple has turned the whole batch rotten. I’ve learned the hard way, I once lost my cult of culture, I lost the answer to the question “why”.  I've been on the forefront of an event that I blame on my own youth, and the result of having a young entrepreneur’s mind. But, this rule of 75% loss,  I’ve changed to a 75% gain, so how do we get there?