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Apr 28, 2019

THERE ISN’T ONE… We all veer off the path and lose focus of our goals, but how do you course correct and recognize it before it’s too late? Is there a blueprint for success? Answered today on Hands And Daylight are some tough questions, including working with you spouse in business, staying true to yourself and...

Apr 21, 2019

Pete reflects on a recent and uncomfortable conversation with a struggling business person. In debt and all in, is there a way out? Weeks away from the crushing final blow, decisions need to be made to push back. This candid conversation is one that all entrepreneurs should listen to.

Apr 14, 2019

Toughness is not a hereditary trait, it's not generational, it's earned. Your mind will fail long before your body. Defeat doesn't care about where you're from, who you are, what you've done. It wants your mind, so it can paralyze your body. Its best friend is misery, and they want company. The battle is mental, not...

Apr 7, 2019

Nike and New Balance jumped on the running craze, but one brand took the cake when it came to the world’s best running shoe in the 80s. Bart Hersey, an old New England shoe dog, beat out all the big dogs when it came to manufacturing the world’s best running shoes. Today, Bart tells his story of the rise of an...