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Feb 18, 2018

Death comes to everything with a heartbeat. Economies are strong in war, farmers and butchers deal death to provide our food supply for 300 million people. Few of us continue the traditions of hunting and gathering, planning and preserving, gardening and growing. We turn a blind eye to how food is grown, killed and processed. What will they say about us in 100 years. Will they teach our great grandchildren how we created injected animals and plants, will they say we partook of a barbarous communion of genetically modified flesh and fast food that is no better than injesting soylent green?

What will they say about us using fossil fuels, burning wood, creating landfills, mining, processing, burning, refining.

For the most part, I'm ok with the way we live. There are things I would like to change, but compared to the way it was, I couldn't be happier to live in this land, raise my children in this country, and believe in this flag and what it stands for. I love that we can harvest and burn wood, that we can mine ore and make steel, that we can refine crude oil into fuel. In 200 years will my way of thinking be extinct?… Probably…