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Jan 27, 2019

The hard times make hard hands, and hard minds are forged through blunt blows of struggle. And in the good times we always remember they won’t last forever. Every thing that is had is earned. If you didn’t earn it, somebody else did, and somebody else is. And you dishonor their sacrifices by having lazy hands...

Jan 20, 2019

There is so much confusion going on in the world. I simply don't buy into it. I don't buy into the propaganda that masculinity is toxic. I praise masculinity, I praise fatherhood, leadership and grit. But it seems that society is more emotional about being emotional. Don't be confused or affected by the words, and wave...

Jan 13, 2019

Former Navy SEAL, and one of AMERICA'S ELITE SNIPERS, JP Dinnell went from highly decorated combat veteran to delivering pizzas for Marco’s. JP grew up with a speech impediment, and through divine providence, he now uses his voice to speak in front of thousands of people. In this powerful podcast, JP discusses how he...

Jan 6, 2019

Storytelling is how our history has been passed down over thousands of years. Today we are bombarded with content, and our attention is strained as we sort through the trash. But powerful stories will always transcend it all.