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Feb 25, 2018

As I got in my truck to pick up a coffee, and some supplies from our local farmers union, I decided to route my path home on back roads. Most of these back roads are still dirt roads, not extremely well maintained. The only music I listen to on the road is the noise in my own mind, I almost always drive in silence thinking about this place, my family, business, Friends, opportunities. It’s my time to meditate through reflection and prayer.

So I was driving slow with my window cracked trying to get the perfect balance of heat in the vehicle mixing with the air outside. While driving I could feel the snow loosen up and turn to slush, mixing with thawing mud... and my tires were lifting the slush from the road and throwing it against my truck’s undercarriage. My coffee was still a little too hot to drink, but I was entranced by this mix of the outside cold wind hitting my forehead, the warm heater air hitting my face, the sound of the slush on the road, the smell of thawing mud, and the hot coffee in my hand. As I crested the hill overlooking the mountains the sun started to breach the clouds and hit me in the face at the perfect moment of my trance, which heightened all my senses.